green light

green light
1. a signal to proceed
Syn: ↑go-ahead
Derivationally related forms: ↑go ahead (for: ↑go-ahead)
Hypernyms: ↑traffic light, ↑traffic signal, ↑stoplight
2. permission to proceed with a project or to take action

the gave the green light for construction to begin

Hypernyms: ↑permission

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Etymology: so called from the color of traffic lights when traffic is allowed to proceed
: authority or permission to go ahead with a definite project

got a message to leave town and stay lost until I got the green light to return — Polly Adler

a city that has just given the green light to a program of progress — Wall Street Journal

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1. a green-colored traffic light used to signal drivers, pedestrians, etc., that they may proceed.
2. authorization; approval; permission: The railroad has been given the green light on the proposed fare increase.

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green light noun
1. A traffic signal indicating that vehicles may advance
2. Permission to go ahead
3. Any signal or indication of consent or encouragement, as in get the green light (informal)
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green light UK US noun [countable] [singular green light plural green lights]
a signal that gives traffic permission to move forward
Thesaurus: road and traffic signals and crossingshyponym

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green light,
1. a green traffic signal which indicates that vehicles or pedestrians may proceed.
2. Informal, Figurative. permission to proceed: »

the Mississippi legislature gave the green light to the state to take over and develop any seaport in the state (Wall Street Journal).

green light or green-light,
transitive verb.
to authorize or give permission to proceed: »

Only the board has the power to green light the renovation.

* * *

n. a green traffic light giving permission to proceed
figurative permission to go ahead with a project

the commission has given the green light for a wind-farm development

v. (green-light) [trans.] give permission to go ahead with (a project, esp. a movie)

* * *

the green light
: permission to start or continue something (such as a project)

His boss finally gave him the green light [=the go-ahead] to start the new project.

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ˌgreen ˈlight [green light] noun singular
permission for a project, etc. to start or continue
Syn: go-ahead

The government has decided to

give the green light

to the plan.

Example Bank:

The council is expected to give the green light to the move.

The industry must not assume that this ruling means a green light to go on polluting our lakes and rivers.

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